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Hardware start-ups get a leg-up at Intel Maker’s lab

Intel started its Maker Lab in 2015 to help small hardware firms stabilise by helping them with prototypes and device testing. Intel said it achieved higher success rates because of the method of choosing start-ups, which best suited their acceleration programme. For instance, Jayalaxmi Agrotech has built an Agripole which helps farmers to download their

Entrepreneurs head to Uttar Pradesh for the national startup fest

Poll-bound Uttar Pradesh has one more thing coming its way from the Centre — it has emerged as top contender to host the national startup fest. Originally planned to be held in Hyderabad, the industry department is now considering Uttar Pradesh as its preferred choice, with the industrial city of Kanpur the likely venue. The

Start Up India

Startups now play a key role in defining new age business models, creating newer avenues and generating employment making the space important to watch. The spirit of entrepreneurship is changing the way India was looked at a few years ago. With startups in the whirl of the winds of change, using technology as an enabler

Great News for Start-Ups: Government Ends Angel Tax

Angel Investors have been a boon to our start-up industry. These investors have time and again sought out new talents and business ideas and guided them towards success. Our start-up industries’ root more or less stands on Angel investors. However, these investors had to suffer the tax that the government levied on them under Section

What Do You Need to Start a Business?

In this corporate-ridden world tough challenges always there for Startup businesses. Here we are offering you some efficacious steps that you need to take before opening a business.   Planning Process If you will look for outside financing, a marketable strategy is a need. Be that as it may, regardless of the fact that you

Entrepreneurship Ideas

There are a number of youths who aspire to commence their own businesses and watch out for low investment ideas. With the dearth of government jobs, the most of Indian young people are willingly adhering to self-employments. Here are some of the finest business ideas which demand lesser money and carry big opportunity of earning

Attractive Business Ideas for Indian Youth

With a splendid initiative, Make in India, taken by our dear Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, has paved a remarkable way for different business aspirants in India. Here we are putting forth some of the finest small business thoughts and ideas which may give you a scintillating platform to make a great imprint in the

Attractive Business Ideas in 2016

Prepared to tackle the world of business? Now it’s an ideal opportunity to do it. On account of online networking, crowd funding and elective loaning alternatives, and the consistent development of technology, this year is an awesome time to begin a business. Not certain where to start? There’s uplifting news – with new patterns appearing

New Ideas for New Business

With a brilliant initiative, Make in India, taken by our beloved Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, has paved the way of success for various business aspirants in India. Here we are offering some of the finest small business ideas which may provide you a scintillating platform to make an impressive mark in the global market.

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