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Indian start up culture and its problems

I am not a business expert . The views I am presenting in this article are based on my perceptions . Please correct me if I am wrong. Also, this is not a rant. Rather its a call for the talented entrepreneurs of this country to be more fearless. I personally feel that entrepreneurship is

Four Reasons Why Indian Hyperlocal Startups Failed

Startup culture in India can be traced back to the mid 1980s when, post exposure to computers and Internet, we were taking baby-steps into the tech world. Today, there’s a new startup in every nook and corner, and while it is encouraging to see young entrepreneurs experiencing business and management, you also see many of

Modern Startups Solve Real Problems

The desire to change the world drives successful entrepreneurs. They are the ones who love the journey more than the destination. Capturing the reality behind the balloon of ‘Startup India’, Suveen Sinha wants the world to read his latest book ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ and believes, “Anyone thinking of setting up their own company or

ET Startup Awards: The night of startup stars celebrating success and optimism

BENGALURU: Faith in the innate genius of Indian entrepreneurship was top of mind at the country’s de facto startup summit, as celebration of success and optimism about the future presented an interesting contrast to the more sombre prevailing narrative. The brightest stars of the startup firmament, government leaders, investors and senior business executives came together

Kolkata Witnessing a New Dawn with Thriving Startup Population

Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi has introduced initiatives like Make in India, Skill India, Startup India and Standup India, young India is filled up with a new fire inside them. These initiatives have emboldened people to turn their vision into a reality. While earlier only Bangalore was reckoned as a startup hub, today Kolkata

Afraid to Step in the Business World?

Ever since Narendra Modi took oath as Prime Minister of India, he has endorsed the idea of Startup India and Stand Up India. The Skill India initiative by him is one of the best initiatives for the welfare of the people. The initiative aims to provide training to over 40 crore people in different streams

How important is The Location for Your StartUp?

There are many important things you need to consider before kick starting your startup such as funding, branding your product, hiring staff and the list goes on. But one the biggest dilemma faced by any entrepreneur is, deciding the location of the business. On the startup extremes, location is one of the most critical success

How to Start a Dairy Farm?

Dairy farming indeed plays an indispensable role in total milk production and boosting economy of India. Today it is one of the finest opportunities for any Indian startup. It does not require much marketing since it is a traditional business. Your business remains active in all the seasons and it is Eco friendly too.   Starting

Some Brilliant Business Ideas for Indian Business Aspirants

Opening a business has always been a tough task but with the advent and arrival of 2016, Indian business aspirants have got an energy and enthusiasm to capitalize on their dreams. The announcement of ‘Make in India’ scheme, by Mr. Narendra Modi, has given new wings to the startups and emerging businesses. Here are some

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