Global summit to facilitate exchange between India and Korean start-ups

Tomorrow’s India, a global initiative that brings together start-ups from diverse geographies, will host Tomorrow’s India Global Summit in Seoul later this month. Start-ups from India, Korea and Singapore are expected to participate at the event from September 25 to 29 at Seoul Global Start-up Centre.

HP Singh, Founder and Managing Director of Tomorrow’s India, says: “Besides promoting India’s strengths in business, knowledge and culture, we want to make Tomorrow’s India a platform for budding entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas on a global stage and contribute to the success of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Start-up India, Stand-up India’ campaign.”

The summit will include a focused initiative for start-ups to win on-the-spot funding from international investors who will also join the event from India, South Korea, Mauritius and Singapore.A first event of its kind was held in Singapore in January this year. The second summit in Seoul is being organised in association with Accelerate Korea, Indian Angel Network, and IIT-Delhi’s Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer.

Accelerate Korea acts as a catalyst for developing opportunities between Asia, Europe and North America for the larger entrepreneurial ecosystem. It reportedly also runs indigenous initiatives to support late stage seed, early Series A and SME funding.

Pharmaceutical and healthcare, electronics, automobiles, machine tools, infrastructure, heavy industries and cosmetics sectors are likely to be represented at the summit, while there’s keen interest from companies based in Zimbabwe and Finland as well.

“It’s important for Indian start-ups to understand how business has evolved across the world and at a larger scale. We want them to look at the world market, and be informed of what’s happening among start-ups in countries like South Korea,” Singh shares.

More than 100 start-ups each from South Korea and India are expected to be in attendance. Healthy turnouts are expected especially from the Incheon, Seoul and Gyeonggi-do provinces of South Korea.


Before Getting into StartUps, First Get to Know The Reasons Why Many of Them Fail

“The success of one start-up comes with the failure of 99 other start-ups”

India’s leading web series TVF (The Viral Fever) is coming with the second season of their globally acclaimed mini-TV show, The Pitchers. The first season showed us what really happens in the success stories of many start-ups. We feel a kick of raw inspiration and courage when the show ends. This is not limited to this mini-series, but to many successful stories. But there was a line said by the father of one of the lead characters. He says that when a new business idea leads to success in a start-up, that same day 99 other start-ups fail. He does not say this regarding the business idea, but he puts importance to how we go about the start-up. Logic seems to take a back seat with so many social interactions, but a new business idea cannot afford to not have logic as its prime mover. Thus, before you jump into your idea, research about the ways in which you can see a failure in it. You cannot literally afford to make 999 efforts to failure and then become successful like Thomas Edison. But, what you can do is to make sure to get into the bottom of each aspect as the dynamics of the world is changing due to internet becoming our 6th sense.


Failures are the Stepping Stones for Your New Business Idea


If you are planning to associate your business idea with government initiatives, it becomes essential to know the crux of the schemes. Initiatives like Start-Up India and Skill India are made available to youth (or any person wants to start a business) so as to encourage the power of converting dreams into reality. It is a great support introduced by the government. TED talks are one way to increase our knowledge relating to start-ups, its failures, managing assets and overcoming challenges.In one of the TEDvideos, a person talks about the result of reading a book per day. What we are trying to say is, books are the best way to make your building blocks of the start-ups.Note that books provide in-depth knowledge about a subject so that should never be ignored (missed) in this era of everything-is-on-internet. Reading the autobiographies of the world’s most influential people will tell you why they were what they were. Imagine the power of books which can take us through the important facets of such people. If internet is your 6th sense, then make sure that book becomes your heartbeat. Get into a bit of history and become smart enough to know that 15-16th century brought a whole new level of scientific innovations, 18-19th centuries brought political creativities into people and 19th century was the effect of globalisation. Hence, what time period do you think this one is.

Creation has always been the ultimate things for human. In today’s world, creation means business! Remember that start-ups aren’t just selling or buying, but it’s a way to understand the working of the world and all the above things support it. The better you understand the reasons of failure, the better you would be going ahead with your new business ideas.

Simples and Realistic Business that you can do in India

If you are planning to start a new business but are shifting your mind from one idea to another, then the following ideas can help you. You just need to let your thoughts free and creative before jumping in any business. Most of the times, the simplest ideas become the game changer. History has shown us that if you do your basics right, then you can go a long way. Ideation of a start-up is also a basic step. One should know that people are always in need of good products and services and more than that, people value them. If you know these things, any idea you choose can bear fruits if you choose the right path. Following are few basic ideas and their process for you, so that you can see that creating a business was never a difficult thing to do.


Home Decorations In India, this can really work as a new business idea for anyone who keeps a cool head on his shoulder with a little creative mind. The middle class Indians are already on the push to come into the upper class ones. There are apartment based houses being built in every city of India. People are in need to decorate their house. These people just want to have a good place to live and interior designing is a very important aspect. You need not have to go for buying expensive home décor products such as vases, chimes, figurines etc. but your improvising abilities will decide how high you can go in home decorating.


Product Supplier Big institutions like school, offices and hospitals are always in the need of regular products. You can make your business online by offering products at much less prices. Schools are always in demands of stationaries and uniforms, thus, you can slowly start to make them as your clients. Offices tend to have groups or occasions and they require merchandising products. Therefore, starting small as online product supplier to these big institutions can work as a seed in making an enterprise.


Thrift Shops Opening a thrift shop and dealing in second and third hand used products is also a nice idea. The people nowadays are pretty wise not to spend big amount of money unnecessarily on products which can be bought as second hand. Thus, you need to think hard as what people to target so that they can come to you. Apart from getting this business online, you can search your target customers in you locality or in your city. Many people such as bachelors or economically weaker section people regularly look out for good quality second products, while many people who are emerging financially think to sell their used products. Therefore, with proper details and observations, one can get a success in this.


Fast Food Restaurants Many people thing that opening up a food or a drinks joint is expensive. But, the reality is that it is not that expensive. You should know that you don’t have to feed a large population. Never shy away from opening a stall of fast food or a fruit drink. If you can strategically plan out what areas have office goers and their timings and can do researches like these then your stall can bring you a profit of Rs 30k to 60k in a single month.


Solid Waste Management System Dealing in waste products can make you rich in really quick time. The thing is, waste management system is still an unexplored territory in India. But, the margin of benefit is really good in this. You just need to pick a locality and collect its domestic waste. Domestic waste usually consist of organic, plastic and metal wastes. You can create vermi-compost out of organic waste and for plastic and metal ones, you can recycle them. Recycling machines are expensive but it’s a one-time instalment. Also, you won’t need a big one at the initial stage. Vermi-compost can be sold to farmers directly at a very low price. Selling at low price will also be profitable

Startup Services

Supplementing the Start Up India and Stand Up India Initiative, Start Up India Consultants are resolved to help Young Indians achieve their maximum capacity in their startup attempts.

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Aside from the web learning knowledge, offline events and meet ups will be composed to encourage student interactive and networking.

With Start Up India Consultants you are allowed to get clarity on how you could take your entrepreneurial adventure forward. The learning programs, offered by the firm, will open you to decisive entrepreneurial difficulties, will help you comprehend the alternative methodologies of taking care of these difficulties and recognize the upsides and downsides of each of these alternatives.

The program is customized to the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem, with a solid spotlight on “Do and Learn”, where students will be placed in the shoes of top business people to take a shot at contextual investigations. Learning from these contextual investigations can be connected to your business thought.

Online and offline networking opportunities will open up numerous ways for you to discover: fascinating thoughts to chip away at, intriguing individuals to work with, your Co-Founder, guide, investors and so on.

Few select applicants from this cohort of students will likewise be a piece of efficacious programs offered by Start Up India Consultants, where you will have the chance to pitch your business thought to investors.

After working with top business visionaries, personnel and financial specialists, we have recognized different difficulties all business people face in their excursion.

Each of these different challenges has been treated as risks and has been treated delicately by our team of expert Start Up Consultants.


Some overview insights demonstrate that those new businesses that had a coach performed right around 3 x better, contrasted with those new companies that did not have the one! Startup India guides are precious asset for a startup, and can frequently be the explanation behind your startup’s presence.

We at Start Up India Consultants understand the significance of mentoring and has enthusiastically taken up the reason of mentoring various new companies to build our startup ecosystem community. Startups are guided at different stages – some comfortable thought stage itself; or in a brooding or prototyping stage; or products/services that have as of now been dispatched in the business sector however not able to take things forward starting there; lacking clarity; or those new companies that have not possessed the capacity to develop their business regardless of having a splendid thought, solution.

Be it whatever stage you are in, we get a kick out of the chance to go about as your guiding force! In the meantime, we shortlist new businesses, ideas, that we wish to guide in light of some decisive parameters that incorporate your

  • Value System
  • Working Ethics
  • Responsibility
  • Openness and
  • Receptive to criticism, and so forth.


Start Up India Consultants are business experts and help companys right from defining your main goal and vision articulations, to contriving business systems, strategies for success and help you execute those.

We help you in elucidating your objectives and yearnings and devise techniques that is perfectly customized for you. Start Up India Consultants comprehends that one size does not fit all, and henceforth the business techniques are attracted line with your company’s vision and accessible assets.

Business planning is a critical component without which objective setting and driving business systems can’t happen. Start Up India Consultants works with companys in characterizing the strategy for success in a state of harmony with the doled out spending plans. Business planning is basic regardless of the possibility that you have recently set out in your business, as it acts like a rudder and helps you control your company in the right direction.

Start Up India Consultants also helps you recognize areas of innovation, mergers and acquisitions including cross-border acquisitions, and making corporate approaches/policies.