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Difference Ways to Finance your Start-Up

In this information age, getting knowledge about things has become a necessity. If you are someone who has a new business ideas, then you really should be eager to gather resources on how to finance your business. We at Start-Up India Consultancy, are providing people with an opportunity to get trained by our experienced financial team who can guide you to any kind of financial issue. But first, we need to see what the difference ways of funding are. Following are the tips for a small business as we think that if you want to make an enterprise you should start from small.


  • Credit Cards Using your credit card for a small business is an ideal start for your idea. According to surveys, out of every 5 small businesses, 4 are started using a credit card. The flexibility of credit would give you just the right amount of time to start your new business idea.


  • Personal Savings For this, you need to plan your job in such a way that you make your personal savings enough for you to become an entrepreneur. Using personal savings can be a perfect thing as you won’t have to worry about returning money or the risk of getting fail with someone else’s money.


  • Family and Friends Family and friends are the backbone of your personal life. You can easily ask money from them but that should be an interest-free loan. You should also tell your business plan frankly to them as they would be funding your company. Taking money from these people won’t put any external pressure on you and you can even ask for some time.


  • Reinvesting Profits Many of you would have probably read self-help books about money. One thing that every business book tells is that build your assets. Indeed building your assets can provide you a stress-free future. You can invest money from assets in your new business idea. Monthly income from source other than your job can be of huge importance for the budding entrepreneurs.


  • Small or Personal Loans Taking a personal loan from your current company might also be a good idea. Many companies give personal or small loans to their employees as a reasonable rate of interest. You should be active enough to utilize these opportunities. More so, the government also creates a new way so as to help people in their business ideas.


Apart from these basic ideas, the government of India have launched a campaign ‘Start-Up India’ to help new people spread their businesses. StartUp India Consultants are following on the footsteps of the government and aims to help people.

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