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Before Getting into StartUps, First Get to Know The Reasons Why Many of Them Fail

“The success of one start-up comes with the failure of 99 other start-ups”

India’s leading web series TVF (The Viral Fever) is coming with the second season of their globally acclaimed mini-TV show, The Pitchers. The first season showed us what really happens in the success stories of many start-ups. We feel a kick of raw inspiration and courage when the show ends. This is not limited to this mini-series, but to many successful stories. But there was a line said by the father of one of the lead characters. He says that when a new business idea leads to success in a start-up, that same day 99 other start-ups fail. He does not say this regarding the business idea, but he puts importance to how we go about the start-up. Logic seems to take a back seat with so many social interactions, but a new business idea cannot afford to not have logic as its prime mover. Thus, before you jump into your idea, research about the ways in which you can see a failure in it. You cannot literally afford to make 999 efforts to failure and then become successful like Thomas Edison. But, what you can do is to make sure to get into the bottom of each aspect as the dynamics of the world is changing due to internet becoming our 6th sense.


Failures are the Stepping Stones for Your New Business Idea


If you are planning to associate your business idea with government initiatives, it becomes essential to know the crux of the schemes. Initiatives like Start-Up India and Skill India are made available to youth (or any person wants to start a business) so as to encourage the power of converting dreams into reality. It is a great support introduced by the government. TED talks are one way to increase our knowledge relating to start-ups, its failures, managing assets and overcoming challenges.In one of the TEDvideos, a person talks about the result of reading a book per day. What we are trying to say is, books are the best way to make your building blocks of the start-ups.Note that books provide in-depth knowledge about a subject so that should never be ignored (missed) in this era of everything-is-on-internet. Reading the autobiographies of the world’s most influential people will tell you why they were what they were. Imagine the power of books which can take us through the important facets of such people. If internet is your 6th sense, then make sure that book becomes your heartbeat. Get into a bit of history and become smart enough to know that 15-16th century brought a whole new level of scientific innovations, 18-19th centuries brought political creativities into people and 19th century was the effect of globalisation. Hence, what time period do you think this one is.

Creation has always been the ultimate things for human. In today’s world, creation means business! Remember that start-ups aren’t just selling or buying, but it’s a way to understand the working of the world and all the above things support it. The better you understand the reasons of failure, the better you would be going ahead with your new business ideas.

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