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Globalization Paving a Way for Startup India Program by Encouraging Foreign Collaboration

The 1991 Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization policy changed the face of India. McDonaldisation is the result of LPG. While many people criticized globalization, it was widely appreciated by people who cunningly used the opportunity for development.

Our respected Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is many of those people who see opportunity in both urbanization and globalization. India has the third largest Startup ecosystem. The startup India and Standup India initiative is further accelerating people to quit their jobs and believe in their dreams. Budding entrepreneurs have the capability to revolutionize India with their creative ideas. More and more people today are quitting their high salaried jobs and choosing to start-up.

Internet is truly a blessing. It has given us a chance to connect with people all across the world and carry out all our operations smoothly. The new internet generation is utilizing the user friendly new media in the most optimized manner and startups are readily indulging in deals with foreign counterparts, thus encouraging cross-border collaborations. Foreign collaborations further give a chance to hire the best talent.

Startups have an opportunity to pitch their ideas to wider audience and raise funds from investors all across the globe.

Startup India is one such program which aims to resolve all the issues faced by young entrepreneurs and help them concentrate on their core business. The Startup India Action plan not only gives you recognition but also gives a relief in various environment and labor laws and further exemption in tax and fast tracking Indian Patent Rights.
Startup India Consultants aims to provide you all the services from idea to execution and gaining recognition under Startup India Program.

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