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How to Become a Leader of a Start-Up

If you have a new business idea that you think can change the course of your future for good and you have a team to transform that idea into a reality, then you have to acquire some leadership qualities. Many a times people confuse a leader with a boss. There is a multitude of difference between a boss and a leader. Boss is nothing but a person who have some preordained script and roles. Being a boss, is a job to them and that’s why bosses can never become a good leader. They connect their hierarchal authority with it so that their careers and personal goals can reach a new height.


Leadership is nothing close to being a boss of people. If you are planning to lead your company, first and foremost thing to do is not to become the boss of your team. Rather, you can claim to be the captain of your team. Culturally, the term ‘captain’ brings a feel of work with responsibilities and also a good team spirit, but with the rise of the corporate world, being a leader comes in the category of a job. You should realize that your company will be run by your team and thus it is very important to guide them into the right direction. Creating a sense of ownership of the company in your team can be a huge bonus as people can work as if it is their company.


Being an entrepreneur means gathering resources and you should be able to dig deep into things so as to make your team be a part of scavenging a resource. An entrepreneur can never build an enterprise if he sticks to the 9 to 5 work hours. Starting a business itself comes up with hectic challenges that one needs to be flexible, resourceful and eager to make work done. Starting a business is not an administrable work, but an adventurous one where gathering information with making things is a priority. You should have an excellent thirst of knowledge if you are planning to guide a new business ideas. Also, appreciating your team’s talent is a must if you want to create an environment fully focused on work.


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