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How to Start a Dairy Farm?

Dairy farming indeed plays an indispensable role in total milk production and boosting economHow to Start a Dairy Farmy of India. Today it is one of the finest opportunities for any Indian startup. It does not require much marketing since it is a traditional business. Your business remains active in all the seasons and it is Eco friendly too.


Starting your own dairy farm requires capital, infrastructure and intensive knowledge about the modern techniques of dairy farming. Here we give you a few tips to give momentum to your business idea-


Develop a Plan

For any business to be successful it is important to formulate a plan and give your business idea an aim and objective. To turn your mere idea into a successful business venture, do a SWOT analysis, i.e, analyze all your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Your plan should answer all the key questions like number of cows you need, places where you will sell your product or number of employees needed.


Ask the Experts

Growing startup ecosystem has also led to the increase in the number of Indian startup consultants in the market. Taking advice from experts will increase the efficiency of your farm. They can easily guide on the techniques which would suit best in your farm or the breed of cows with high milk production or how to maintain the health of your animals or right place to market your product.


Visit Fields

Even if you have grown up learning dairy farming, it is important for you to visit other commercial dairy farm on few days to know their secret of healthy dairy farming.


Formulate a Feeding Program

Before kick starting your farm, make a feeding program for your cattle. Make the list of all nutrients needed to raise your calf, maintain their health and produce milk.


Waste Management Plan is a Must

A lot of manure is produced by dairy cattle everyday and if this manure is used in the right manner, it can be highly useful for your farm. The manure will make the land more fertile and further increase the revenue.


If you are successful in solving the puzzle of dairy farming and if you seek advice at right time from startup consultants, your business idea turned successful venture will surely be an inspiration for others.

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