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Start-Up India Stand-Up Program is taking idea patenting (IPR) along with it into its vast ship of benefits. The government of India is taking matters into its own hand to handle and encourage idea generation of a business. Its policy regarding IPR has eased the patenting procedure in the Start-Up India initiative. In this plan, once a start-up idea gets recognition it will able to enjoy the ease and comfort of benefits in patenting. The government would fund as high as 80% for patenting the business plan in the India Patent Office. This is a great step to make people come forward with their idea and give it a legal presence as generally patenting can go into a five digit figure in its overall process. That being said, the government will also help to fast track the procedure. It will guide people for the examination process too. Hence, from now on, entrepreneurs who have innovation in their blood can effortlessly launch themselves into the record books for a unique creation.

Start-Up India Consultants will guide you at each step of this IPR benefit. As we have excavated all the information on IPR benefits, all we have to do is to make sure that your business idea gets recognized in the Start-Up India Program. The path to that is quite simple but has few roadblocks in its way. Your idea must be proven an innovative one. For that you will need a supporting document from an incubator (government, private or post graduate college) or should have been a receiver of minimum 20% funding from investors (government, incubators, or SEBI registered funding bodies). After this, DIPP (Development of Planning and Promotion) will give a final nod to your idea to get IPR benefits. Although, its quite an understood fact that if you are going for a patent, your idea must be innovative at many levels. But since this program is in its most initial phase, there might be some hindrance to do documentation things. Our consultancy possesses a team of well-researched people who can guide through this entire procedure without any disturbance. In addition to this, we also have access to professional patent facilitators which are under the government’s program. This will greatly enhance your need as we have gone into these facilitators and can guide you which are credible enough to proceed.

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