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Niche startups on the rise, aiming at gaining investors across India

HYDERABAD: As the startup revolution is maturing and graduating to the next level, niche startups are on the rise and are gaining popularity across India.

Right from startups which use music therapy to de-stress and companies which sell sex toys to those providing surgeries to uninsured patients and services to sports lovers, niche startups are not just increasing in number but also in popularity, thus scripting many success stories.

“Most of the people love music and can also have a desire to sing or play an instrument. But today’s fast paced life and their inhibitions do not allow them to do it. For all those who provide drums and other instruments and conduct sessions, where participants have to play the instruments. These sessions are not just about enjoying music but will help in de-stressing, for which most prefer,” said Varun Venkit, a drums player, facilitator and music composer who co-founded Taal Inc.

Though Taal Inc started in Pune six years ago with two friends, now it conducts drum sessions all over India and it is a popular startup which corporates and individuals opt for both entertainment and also for stress relief activities. Taal Inc also conducted a drums session with underprivileged children in Mumbai, in which Michele Obama participated during her visit to India earlier.

Though started by one or a small number of passionate individuals, startups in the niche segment are quickly scaling up like Taal Inc and proving their impact, thus not just bettering the success ratio but also attracting mentors and investors.

“I saw many patients not opting for surgeries fearing the steep cost, which is sad. More than 65 per cent of people in India cannot afford surgeries or do not have insurance. To help them, I started a startup, leaving job as a surgeon in a leading hospital. Though I started out alone, we have 12 employees now and we will scale up as need rises,” said Dr Nirajan Ravuri CEO of Caremotto from Hyderabad, which facilitates surgeries for the uninsured.

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