Sourav Ganguly Invest In Tech-Entertainment Company

Recently the former Indian cricket Sourav Ganguly has invested his money in the Mumbai-based entertainment company. Flickstree is one of the tech-entertainment companies that founded in three partners. The partners are Rahul Jain, Nsgender Sangra, and Saurabh Singh.

Flickstree is the personalized platform of video for free to watch content, video from the blogs, website and other social media networks. The Flickstree comes with the artificial intelligence based technology that helps the user quickly find the customized content.

The cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has backed the smartron, IOT starts up, and Yuvraj Singh has funded the YouWeCan ventures through that Yuvraj has invested in a lot of startups including online education startup, airplane, wellness platform, and others.

Besides the Moksh sports and Aditya group, sourav Ganguly and venture catalyst have invested RS 3 crore in the tech-entertainment company Flickstree. The Facebook program FBstart backs the Flickstree. The Flickstree app helps to create the personal video magazine.

Currently, more than 50000 people are using this app on the different operating system like Android, iOS, Blackberry, and others. The CTO Nagendra Sangra develops the Flickstree app, and Rahul Jain said that the ecosystem for the content has changed.

The Flickstree is also used for the self-learning engine to understand the content, user content, user behavior and others. The platform aggregate the personal recommendation, legal movie streaming player and also allow the user to make the list that they get the notification what the content is available in online, curates the film review and also offer the upcoming movies.

Sourav Ganguly said that the money is used to enhance the capability of technology as well as expand their company. Ganguly told that the Flickstree Company helps the people to find a lot of favorite videos from the internet. The Flickstree tech-entertainment company was launched in 2015, and now the company is looking to launch in Indonesia, Australia, and other countries.

The Flickstree has more than twenty video categories that most of them currently follow. Yuvraj Singh said that the company is trying to create the video content for the users. Now current the company has tied up with the popular video sharing platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube, and others.