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What is funding?

We all hear the term funding once in a while in our daily life. Funding is a process of providing financial resources for a business. There are various funding streams in the world of business such as venture capital, angel investors, credit, donations, grants, crowdfunding, loans etc. The success of any business depends on whether it could generate enough money to run off its projects. One should not take funding just as a money-lending source as the people who provide funding are the ones who actually makes a business worth. The time and effort given while funding a business are as precious as the money itself.Funding in Start-Ups

Without adequate funding, your idea will remain just an idea. India is brimming up with great business ideas. The big start-up industry which has been created here from the past few years cannot run without an active support of investors. Nowadays, funding is more than just providing a financial assistance. It is a mark of credibility to a new business idea. For start-ups, getting an adequate funding is the first step towards its success story. The role of investors is very important as they nurture a start-up in its most initial phase. This phase is a make or break time for such start-ups. Funding not only values an idea, it also puts a great degree of confidence to run it.

The traditional way of funding a business is running out. Apart from money and guidance, funding comes with a slight twist. The investing bodies look for their stakes in these new start-ups. The young entrepreneurs now have to carefully analyse the funding market as the business ideas have started to get more and more valuable. Thus, the role of funding becomes immensely significant as on the one hand it gives the necessary wings to start-ups and on the other hand it tries to take control of that wings. The young minds of today have to reach to many conclusion points on how to raise a funding and then how to get the assurance that their idea will remain theirs only.

This is where we, Start Up India Consultants come in support. We help a start-up achieve a good amount of funding. Our core team of financial analysts does a thorough research on the investing bodies which give financial assistance without taking away the credit ignited from a bright mind. We help the start-ups in the pitching process as well as there is no point of creating a unique business plan and presenting it in an ordinary way.

Funding in Start-Up India Program

The government of India is giving a much needed special attention to people who want to do a new business. In its Start-Up initiative, it looks set to help every potential idea reach the desired goal. As funding is a major concern for many new entrepreneurs, the government has reached out to many angel investors, incubators, and private equities etc. who can give proper financial assistance to a start-up. These investing bodies are SEBI registered and are looking to come out for a greater social cause.

Since it’s a government cause, hence there will be no problem in getting due funding under this initiative. However, there could be few bumps in this journey. First of all, you will have to prove that your business is not redundant and has an innovative edge. Don’t get panic reading the term innovative as it makes a lot of sense that ideas should be creative and mainly should be commercial. For this, the investing bodies require a proper presentation, write-up and an exhaustive business plan.

This is where we again pop out for your assistance. It is true that government is doing everything in order to help new ideas to set up their business. In the research made by our team, we have found that the Start-Up probe is still very young and hence the investors’ list given by the government may not be that efficient. Our consultancy also got to know that some investing bodies may not be that credible as it sounds on paper. Hence, in order to make it a smooth path for you and your business plan, we have delved into the funding process. Apart from helping you in the pitching process, we will help you in determining which investor to look on. This is a very crucial stage as any careless step can lead to an unintentional disclosure of the idea. We also help in setting up meetings as we find that there might a gap between genuine investors and great new ideas. Remember, at Start-Up Consultants, we do not spoon feed a process, rather we get along with you to share our expertise and experience so that you yourself become aware of how things work.


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