Imagine a situation where you start to work on your Business Idea, the idea for which you lived your whole life, and you went to extreme possibilities to make it a running business from bottom to top. Now imagine a second guy coming and asking for 50% shares in your success story. You may end up with this horror ending if you do not incorporate your business idea early. Most of the young and energised entrepreneurs of India focus on the core of their Ideation such as technical, functional, business or operational tasks which often makes them neglect the incorporation part of their enterprise. At Start-Up India Consultants, we provide the shield of easy incorporation of your business under any of the following kind of companies. The important and unique thing is that we will give proper guidance on what kind of company structure you should choose while this process.The different kinds of incorporation which are supported here with our experts are:

Limited Liability Partnership
•  Partnership
•  Sole Proprietorship
•  Private Limited Company
•  Public Limited Company
•  Unlimited Company
•  Joint Venture Company
•  Subsidiary Company
•  Liaison Office / Representative Office
•  Project Office
•  Branch Office

Each of these come with its specific features. Our team, which has amazing experience in handling such work will convert your idea into an enterprise with proper interactions and discussions with you.

QS-incorporationBelow are the core values which will be provided to you by us in the incorporation process:

Authentic GuidanceWe are not here to judge your idea and vision. We are here to execute the legal form of them. We are just to merge your imaginations with proper social and legal obligations covering the minute details in our guiding process. You will be made aware of how the process work, what all documents are need and so on. This process will give you access to the core knowledge of incorporation.

Holistic GuidanceWhile incorporating your business, our experts will let you know about the pros and cons of various regulations. The starting of any business should be done having a long term perspective and thus, a proper long term planning is required while deciding which way the company should be formed. Our overall guidance will set you free from any legal conundrums which will make sure that your mind works on your core idea.

Gamut of Service and Freebies The extent of services provided at Start Up India Consultants is exceptional. We provide multiple features in our services which makes your work smooth. It includes bookkeeping the financial and legal aspects, managing the entire process, filling up required documents and many such things. The corporate kit offered by us is devoid of any loopholes resulting in unparalleled ease and comfort in incorporating your business.

Jurisdiction In legal matters, especially when it is about submission of documents to the authority, jurisdiction at times becomes a concern. Luckily for you, we also maintain a team that solely focuses where a company should get registered. There are various rules and regulations in each city and state while applying for the legal process. However, each of them comes with their own pros and cons. Our team will let you know the most favourable place to incorporate your start-up.

Bank Account Having a bank account is no secret in a registration process. Every authority needs the record of your banks and money transfers as they are the best source to prove that you are doing everything under ethics. Thus, from creation of bank account to using it in incorporation will be handled by our CA team. Our CAs will also guide in you accounting your business and laying a ground on which you could meet your annual financial assessments.

Comprehensive Learning Resources Here at Start Up India Consultants, we have always maintained that you will not be spoon fed here in any process. You will always get to learn new things here. We maintain a DIY (Do it yourself) structure. Our resources are maintained in the portal so that anyone could go through them regarding legal matters.