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Digital startups will disrupt businesses: Study

According to the findings of a new global study done by Dell Technologies, 78% of businesses believe digital startups will pose a threat to their organization, either now or in the future, while almost half fear that they may become obsolete because of competition from these startups. Further, 73% admitted that digital transformation could be

American-Indian IoT Startup 75F targets 100 Crore In India By 2018-19

Award winning 75F Inc is headquartered in Minneapolis and was launched in 2012 by two entrepreneurs of Indian heritage, Deepinder Singh and Pankaj Chawla (who is an Indian citizen and has been overlooking the R&D centre in Bangalore). The startup builds solutions in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) using Internet of Things (IoT) and

Shared Workspaces Hit the Indian Startup Scene

Every weekend, the partiers flood into a New Delhi restaurant and dance club called Social, a three-story destination on the edge of Hauz Khas Village, one of the city’s most popular nightlife neighbourhoods. After nightfall, the bar is busy and the dance floor is full. The lines regularly stretch out into the street. The dancing

Niche startups on the rise, aiming at gaining investors across India

HYDERABAD: As the startup revolution is maturing and graduating to the next level, niche startups are on the rise and are gaining popularity across India. Right from startups which use music therapy to de-stress and companies which sell sex toys to those providing surgeries to uninsured patients and services to sports lovers, niche startups are

Data: Solo Startups do Better Globally

The common perception is that a startup benefits from having at least two founders. A single geeky founder may ignore the business side, while one who’s good with business may tend to miss the importance of technology. So a combination of the two is often seen as ideal. But that’s just a perception. CrunchBase, the

At Hyderabad Job Fair 3,500 Youth Get the Job in Single Day

Among all cities in India, Hyderabad stands on the scale of employability. Recently conducted survey at the mega job fair organized by the NICs (National Institute of Career Services). A total of 10,000 intermediate and undergraduate students got themselves. A total of 10,000 intermediate and undergraduate students got themselves registered at the fair. The job

Globalization Paving a Way for Startup India Program by Encouraging Foreign Collaboration

The 1991 Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization policy changed the face of India. McDonaldisation is the result of LPG. While many people criticized globalization, it was widely appreciated by people who cunningly used the opportunity for development. Our respected Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is many of those people who see opportunity in both urbanization and globalization.

How Social Media can Accelerate The Growth of Your Business

Technological development is surely opening up new vistas for business growth. Harnessing the power of social media in optimize manner can surely help accelerating the business growth. For a budding entrepreneur, it is extremely important to understand the role social media to outshine his or her startup in the startup ecosystem of India. Most of

How to Save Your Startup from Being Lost In the Crowd?

With evolving technology, higher literacy rates, better funding and free market system, India today has the fastest growing startup ecosystem. These new business startups are exploring new segments of market, filling the gaps in the existing market and coming up with more innovative business ideas. The speed with which the world is witnessing growth and

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