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Post Modern Investments Ways Prove More Efficient Than Traditional Ones

We live in a world where start-ups are defining the norms. Their efficiency has proved itself to be the winner among public. The simpler a concept is, the wider it gets followed. The same thing is happening with the start-ups nowadays. The whole notion of the world getting smaller with globalisation and technology has increased the potential of new business ideas. Where traditionally, people had to go out in the market and arrange physically their business and had to think a lot beside their idea on how to grow the business. But, now people can put a great deal of time in their idea with the advent of technology. One thing that is never far away from a start-up is problem. We should feel lucky that today, any problem can be solved by just typing that on our keyboards. Same is happening with the problem of investing in a new business ideas. Initially, where preliminary money generation or what now has transformed a typical market term, seed funding, people used to rely on their families, friends and relatives. A big funding was only possible if the idea has run its way into the masses.


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Now, the world is changing at the speed of our thoughts. New funding ways have evolved. The best thing is that all the big money makers such as angel investors or the people who had made big money in the last quarter of the 20th century are really vouching for the success of start-ups. They have understood the power and potential of the technology we are into. All over the world, the wealthy people are supporting their talents be it in India, China, Iran or any other place. However, a budding entrepreneur must understand few new ways which if done properly could bring them huge investments.


Crowdfunding – Crowdfunding is one of the latest modes of capital venture. A large number of people from various backgrounds gather to make contributions for new business ideas. The venture capital emerged from crowdfunding is enough for the seed funding. Also, a good word of mouth in the people who matter really take the idea to scale new heights. Many platforms are there in India which have made crowdfunding easy and make the campaign affective.


Pitching in Fest Events – This is one of the perfect places to pitch your business ideas for various venture capitalists and angel investors. Usually, in these scenarios, various fests and events are organised where instead of models ramping up the stage, new entrepreneurs pitch their ideas and if investors like them, they give them funding. One example of such a stage in India is NASSCOM.


More Seed Funds –In India, there is always going to be a need for more seed funding in the coming few years. Good news is that the VCs and angels have got support from the India government over no tax on investing. Such initiatives by Start-Up India will bring confidence to promising businessmen. It would result in better and efficient competition leading to proficient and deserving ideas to rise above.


Availability of investors’ database – A database of investors is a good thing as their public space can be used gather information. Such information can be resourcefully and judiciously be used to get seed funding. A background check of many investors will open multiple possibilities as their portfolio will provide signs of investing.

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